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Our Mission

To help people in need locally in Nepal and offer them a perspective for the future. This is the mission of Earth C-Air.


Basic medical care is not a given in Nepal. The people north of Gorkha to the border to Tibet, an area half the size of Canton Valais, do not have reliable access to medical aid. That is why Earth C-Air is providing support to cover medical needs in Nepal; with your donation we will build a health centre in Khorlabesi. This will give the inhabitants reliable access to medical care.


Education means future. In a few seconds, the severe earthquakes of 2015 in Nepal destroyed thousands of schools. The reconstruction of the school buildings is proving difficult. With your donation, Earth C-Air was able to rebuild five destroyed school buildings in remote mountain areas. More than 500 children can now attend regular classes again. Our support is still needed. In Nepal, around 60 percent of the population is still illiterate.


Saving lives is a passion for the initiators of Earth C-Air. Their experience in mountain rescue is in demand worldwide. They share this knowledge and experience with the rescuers in the Himalayas. Earth C-Air has been training rescue crews in Nepal for years. Through regular training and further education missions, the safety of the rescue teams on site is constantly increased. Training rescuers in Nepal is a great challenge and responsibility.