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Newsletter 01/19

April 2019

Valued donors, supporters and volunteers,

Now it's exactly four years since the devastating earthquake catastrophe, and thanks to your support and a lot of volunteer work, we've been able to achieve positive and effective results.

The five school buildings are in operation and our help is highly appreciated by the families in the remote mountain settlements.

Again and again we are impressed during our missions how bravely the locals master their everyday life. They help each other and laugh a lot despite the hard work in the fields. The friendly hospitality is also impressive, our team is always very welcome.

Now we are facing another very big challenge! The construction of the health center in the upper Gorkha region should be sustainable and it needs reliable and motivated specialists.

The cooperation with the government is going very well. Soon a small team from Earth C-Air will be on site, so that the mutual intentions can be implemented meaningfully and successfully. We are very confident that the construction project will begin soon.

The training weeks for the mountain rescuers in winter were exciting and full of learning.

Various modules such as Recco search technology, flight safety in high mountains, meteorological hazards and medical accident care were instructed and practiced.

The rescue winch developed by Bruno Jelk was tested extensively and successfully. The device is very light and can now be used multiflexibly. The Simrik-Air mountain rescuers are thrilled!

In the meantime the whole team of our relief organization, in Switzerland as well as in Nepal is very well positioned. We appreciate every volunteer advice and every commitment very much! 

Many thanks to all donors for their support and trust as well as to the volunteers for their honorary and untiring work! 

We are still very motivated to give the needy in the barren Himalayas a more dignified life! 

Namaste und vielen Dank! Merci! Grazie! Thank you!

Bruno Jelk – Daniel Brunner – Gerold Biner

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