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Newsletter 01/21

September 2021

Dear donors, supporters and helpers

Not everything can be planned, many things can change quickly. We all have had to show patience in the recent months. Now we are happy that things are moving forward more dynamically again. Since the beginning of September, the health nurse Edith from Bern is on site in Nepal. The entry was more cumbersome than usual, but with the necessary documents finally possible again.

The summer monsoon is over

In the Himalayas, the rainy season prevails during the months of June, July and August. Houses are often washed away and buried roads and landslides are part of the daily life during this time.

This year, the monsoon was strong and together with the pandemic, a special challenge for the mountain dwellers. There is no complaining. They accept the situation, look ahead and make the best of it. Difficult conditions hit the poorest the hardest, this is unfortunately the reality.

Progress at the constrution site in Khorlabesi

As far as the situation allowed, the construction workers were diligent and also happy to have work. Our construction foreman Santosh Silwal has many years of experience with construction projects in the Gorkha region. Numerous buildings of Earth C-Air have already been realized under his leadership. He put together the team for the construction of the new health center with well-known and proven experts from the surrounding villages. Currently, the road is being cleared after several landslides, so that the necessary building material can be delivered.

With confidence and motivation we are looking forward to the next steps

Despite the special situation, we always maintained intensive contact with our team in Kathmandu.

The Nepalese appreciate the exchange of experiences. We complement each other.

Our volunteer specialists from Switzerland will travel to Nepal this fall. In November at the latest, our construction specialist Sandro will also be at the Khorlabesi construction site. He will check the progress of the construction so that the health center will function properly in the long run.

By late fall, all the floor slabs of the four main buildings and the supporting columns of the center should be completed.

This year, we provided little public information as the Covid situation in the countries changed almost monthly. Now, after a long test of patience, the situation seems to be stabilizing.

We appreciate very much that you, dear supporters, follow our projects and continue to place your trust in us. Thank you very much. And stay healthy!

Namaste und vielen Dank! Merci! Grazie! Thank you!

Bruno Jelk | Daniel Brunner | Gerold Biner | Earth C-Air Team

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