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Newsletter 01/22

April 2022

Dear donors, supporters and helpers

Our aid organization has been active for exactly seven years now. Thanks to your donations, many things could be achieved. We appreciate every support deeply, thank you very much! 

Retrospective satisfaction

Through the completion of various meaningful construction projects, our team has become more and more experienced over the years.
The way of thinking as well as the procedures with the Nepalese government harmonize very well in the meantime.
The cooperation with various experts became more familiar and efficient. After many missions, we understand each other and can realize planned projects without to debate back and forth.

Prepare before the summer monsoon

The relatively new access road to Khorlabesi, where our health center is being built, will probably be impassable again in the summer.
The terrain is still unstable, so a lot of building material is already being transported to the construction site.
In July, the four buildings should be under roof, then the interior work will begin.
In the fall, the medical equipment is expected to be installed.

More regular aid missions again

We hope that the pandemic is now over.
There are continuously experts from us on site, who supervise medical projects or the construction.
Often these volunteers are working for our projects for months and this without any payment.
We very much appreciate the commitment of people who help with enthusiasm and conviction, pull together and share our visions!

With motivation and a lot of collective goodwill we look confidently into the future. Soon the first patients can be treated in the health center. The mountain people in the Himalayas deserve this. Thank you very much for all your support!

Namaste und vielen Dank! Merci! Grazie! Thank you!

Bruno Jelk | Daniel Brunner | Gerold Biner | Earth C-Air Team

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