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Newsletter 01/24

May 2024

Dear donors, supporters and volunteers,

Our major goal of providing medical care in northern Gorkha is becoming a reality.

Great cooperation

Young and old worked together during the construction period over the last five years.
Thanks to respectful behavior towards the local population and hard work, everyone is now proud of the newly built infrastructure.
Friendships have been formed and great cooperation has been achieved with the local government. To ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible, a regular presence on site is very important.
With perseverance and commitment, we were able to realize our project.

Equipment has been installed

In April, the fittings such as beds, laboratory, dental technology, birthing aids etc. were installed in the examination rooms.

Everything went smoothly with the doctors and various specialists. After the summer monsoon there will be minor additions and adjustments.

We are very pleased that the local doctor, Dr. Sherman Gurung, has already started his work with great motivation.

Opening in November

Additional staff will be recruited over the next few months.

Work such as furnishing the canteen, the waiting area and the training room as well as digitalization are still pending.

The official inauguration of the hospital will take place on November 20, 2024.

Many thanks to all those who help with conviction, pull together and share our vision.

Special thanks also to our financial supporters, the workers and the cooperative local government.

Namaste und vielen Dank! Merci! Grazie! Thank you!

Bruno Jelk | Daniel Brunner | Gerold Biner | Arno Heiri | Earth C-Air Team

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