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Newsletter 01/17

February 2017

Valued donor, supporter and colleague,

It is heartwarming how positive our common direct help in Nepal is developing!

Soon more than 370 children, in four remote mountain villages, can join the school lessons again. In the far-off settlements Hulchuk and Patalekharka, the locals were already starting the reconstruction of the destroyed school buildings. In late summer, these citizens should also be ready to move into the buildings.

To achieve our goals more dynamically, we were able to employ Sonam Bhuti   for Earth C-Air association. We know her as a language-oriented, motivated and helpful all-rounder, so she is the ideal person of trust for us on site.

In addition, two teachers were selected and employed for one year. This is the only way to enable the children in Keraunja and Chumchet schools to receive adequate and basic education training.

We felt great enthusiasm in the medical team too. The volunteers were adventurous, organized themselves brilliantly and worked with great commitment. A strenuous effort for all parties. Long walks and short nights included in the nature. Respect and thanks for this achievement!

These valuable experiences have been expertly analyzed and evaluated. The sustainability of such missions is very important to us !

Indescribably touching was the reception at the opening ceremony of the two schoolhouses Chumchet and Keraunja. The warm-hearted, timid inhabitants greatly appreciated our visit. They traditionally decorated themselves, performed dances, and were proud to return to normality after the earthquake which occurred almost two years back.

The intensive training week with the mountain rescuers was successful too. Bruno Jelk is currently working on a special abseil system. The rescuer should be able to reach the patient directly from the cabin of the helicopter. This coming fall we should be able to equip Simrik-Air with this inventive and flexible device .

If not now when then..! With this motivation, a small delegation will meet soon again in Kathmandu. The target is to register an Earth C-Air non-profit organization. This gives us more credibility and additional flexibility.

We are very thankful! Dear Supporter, we are aware that without you such divisional successions would not be possible! Much could be achieved with voluntary and charitable commitment. We always observe critically and attentively. This created a solid base for the realization of further aid projects, which will also be possible only with your donations and trust in the future.


Thank you very much for your confidence in us and our association!

Namaste und vielen Dank! Merci! Grazie! Thank you!

Bruno Jelk – Daniel Brunner – Gerold Biner

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