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Newsletter 02/18

December 2018

Valued donors, supporters and volunteers,

The aid projects are developing very positively, thank you for your interest in the current information. 

Once again, our team of mission specialists provided valuable volunteer service on site this autumn and was able to gain further insights from the Himalayas. 

In the village of Kashigaon, hundreds of patients received medical care, then the new school building was officially opened together with the residents and a government representative. The good cooperation with the locals and the eventful days will certainly remain unforgettable! 

Now we are planning a health center in the ideally situated village of Machhakhola, which we would like to open towards the end of next year. After a lot of research we are convinced that this project is absolutely meaningful and necessary for the care of the mountain population. 

In the northern Gorkha region, with an area of over 650km2, up to the border to Tibet, there is still no doctor! 

Such large projects can only be realized with trusting, financial support and with a lot of enthusiasm and commitment. 

Thank you very much for your trust and your valuable support! 

 Also in the project villages Patalekharka and Kerauja further projects are in prospect to improve the quality of life of needy inhabitants. We are happy to inform you in more detail on our homepage.

Clear objectives, the sustainability of our aid, as well as the cooperative teamwork with the friendly people in the settlements motivate us very much and give us pleasure and confidence! 

In the sense of "deeds instead of words" we would like to thank you very much for your donations and support of all kinds and wish you a happy, reflective holiday season and a good start into the New Year! 

Namaste und vielen Dank! Merci! Grazie! Thank you!

Bruno Jelk – Daniel Brunner – Gerold Biner

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