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Newsletter 02/20

Dear donors, supporters and helpers

The corona pandemic is an almost unconquerable challenge worldwide. The less developed countries are hit particularly hard. We at Earth C-Air feel this too.

Our construction team in Khorlabesi was able to resume its work on the construction of the health center after a long interruption, but for months our Swiss specialists were not allowed to help on site in Nepal. As soon as travel is possible again, our volunteer experts from Earth C-Air will be ready for their mission in Nepal.

We would like to introduce you to some of our experts:


Sandro assists together with the architect Paul Metzener the construction of the health center. The skilled carpenter and structural draftsman knows Nepal from several aid missions. Therefore he is familiar with the challenges on site as well as with the Nepalese team. With his "rolling planning" Sandro will regularly be on the construction site in Khorlabesi.


Augusta commutes through the world as a midwife. In the wake of major earthquakes, Augusta has travelled to Nepal and Haiti to assist in humanitarian operations. Augusta has become known through her book "Around the world with the midwifery case". At the moment she works at the Thun Hospital, but is regularly taking part in missions around the world. In the health center of Khorlabesi Augusta Theler will be responsible for the Maternity.


The physician for general and tropical medicine from Bern repeatedly leads assignments for aid agencies in disaster areas. As a consulting physician of the Swiss Red Cross he has taken part in over 70 missions in Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa. For Earth C-Air he will be working in the new health center for the procurement of medical equipment, as well as for the coordination and training of personnel.

We would like to thank our experts for their tireless efforts. Their commitment guarantees that the direct aid by Earth C-Air arrives where it is most needed.


Many people in Nepal have lost their jobs due to the Corona pandemic. The winter in the Himalayas is hard and cold. Earth C Air finances 350 warm winter school uniforms for children in four mountain villages. These are currently produced in Kathmandu and handed over in January. Thanks to your donations, those children will also receive a hygiene package at the same time.

Thank you very much for your support and your trust in Earth C-Air.

We wish you a peaceful Advent and Christmas season. Stay healthy.

Namaste und vielen Dank! Merci! Grazie! Thank you!

Bruno Jelk | Daniel Brunner | Gerold Biner

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