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Newsletter 02/21

December 2021

Dear donors, supporters and helpers

Our team was finally able to meet again in Nepal. The presence on site is important to coordinate the construction of the health center of Khorlabesi. The construction stages are planned. Now we hope to be able to continue working without interruptions.

An indispensable and meaningful construction project

During our stay we learned about the sad fate of 9-year-old Kushi Gurung. After a sports event, the girl suffered from a swollen leg, and shortly afterwards also from shortness of breath. With the existing medical facilities, the girl could not be given an accurate diagnosis. Nepalese rituals could not help the child either. Kushi Gurung died within seven days at her home. The young girl grew up in Kerauja, the neighboring village of Khorlabesi. Earth C-Air built a school there in 2015. The tragedy of Kushi Gurung shows how indispensable our health center is.

Carryout can be planned again

The army has repaired the road to Khorlabesi, which was damaged by the monsoon. We can now transport the necessary construction material to the village again so that the skilled workers can continue their work. The winter months are usually dry in the area and therefore ideal for building. Currently there are about 20 craftsmen working on the project. Depending on the construction phase, additional workers from Kathmandu will be brought in.

Time horizon of the construction stages

For the construction of our health center, the next construction phases have been defined. First, the shell of the building will be completed. This will be followed by the interior finishing with the power supply and the installation of the medical equipment. The partial opening of the center with reduced operations is scheduled for January 2023. Last but not least, the processing will be optimized. We expect the full opening of the center in November 2023.

The population in Nepal is happy to have a professional medical contact point soon. We thank you for your commitment and wish you a happy holiday season.

Stay healthy!

Namaste und vielen Dank! Merci! Grazie! Thank you!

Bruno Jelk | Daniel Brunner | Gerold Biner | Earth C-Air Team

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