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Newsletter 02/16

October 2016

Many thanks for your interest in our aid project.

Thanks to the trust placed in us, we have already been able to realize several things and are now back shortly before our flight to Kathmandu.

This time our team consists mainly of medical staff and rescue specialists. Several health camps are planned in the Gorkha region, where the first epicenter of the severe earthquake was. We expect hundreds of patients to be treated and cared for locally.

An intensive training week with the mountain rescuers is also planned.

A cargo of ten pallets of about one ton of relief material is already on its way to Nepal.

The new school building in Keraunja seems to be a model building in the region. The villagers kindly invite us to the inauguration and the official opening ceremony.

The system "Help for self-help" works very well with the coordination of Chay-Ya! The construction aroused great interest and spread throughout the area. Now we also have other, appealing inquiries from various mountain villages.

Only after a visit to the settlements, we will decide which places and in which framework we can support. As long as the budget is sufficient, we will soon be able to realize further school buildings.

In November 2015, the well-known documentary filmmaker Benoît Aymon from Radio Television Suisse (RTS) accompanied us in the area of operation and during the training of Nepalese mountain rescuers:


With confidence and combined commitment, under the motto "Actions instead of Words", we tackle the meaningful challenge with motivation and are happy to be able to report with current pictures on this page after the assignment.

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To realize such projects requires good teamwork, commitment and trust. Thank you very much for your    valuable support!

Namaste und vielen Dank! Merci! Grazie! Thank you!

Bruno Jelk – Daniel Brunner – Gerold Biner

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