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Newsletter 02/17

October 2017

Dear donors, supporters and helpers,

Providing meaningful and sustainable aid in remote settlements is a major challenge.

Thanks to your trust, enthusiasm and a lot of volunteer work, we have built up a solid foundation which makes us confident that we can continue to realize our visions and goals in the future.

A dozen or so specialists (consisting of doctors, nurses, dentists, paramedics, flight instructors, etc.) will return to Kathmandu in November. In the region of Gorkha we will conduct another health camp in different villages.

The medical team with the volunteers provides direct access to valuable and informative information about the general health of the mountain population.

The crew should also always be trained and well equipped for mountain rescues at these enormous heights. With these responsible priorities, our November mission will certainly be intensive and meaningful. A cargo load of various relief goods is also available for dispatch in the near future.

We are also looking forward to the schoolhouse openings in the villages of Hulchuk and Patalekharka. The inhabitants appreciated our support very much, they were diligent and did a great job.

Now there are four schools in remote and poor mountain settlements, where a reconstruction could be realized by our association. This makes it possible for over 400 children to complete an appropriate basic education.

A dignified life in a settlement is only conceivable if certain basic values (such as education, water, medicine, etc.) are present and accessible. That's why, in the future, we will be focusing on these needs of the inhabitants step by step. We will gladly continue to provide you with regular information about experiences, plans and projects.

Thanks to your support, esteemed supporters, we have been able to achieve gratifying and remarkable milestones. With the registration of our own NGO, we hope that processes on site can continue to be handled dynamically and competently.

The documentary film of the RTS team has also been translated into German, here the link:


Thank you very much for your valuable support and trust!

Namaste und vielen Dank! Merci! Grazie! Thank you!

Bruno Jelk – Daniel Brunner – Gerold Biner

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