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Newsletter 03/22

December 2022

Dear donors, supporters and helpers

It has been an intense and exciting Earth C-Air year, with numerous missions in the field, many important meetings took place so that good, expedient decisions could be made. We are satisfied how everything is developing step by step and look motivated into the challenging future.

Valuable commitment from Nathalie

The mission of the Swiss midwife was to explore the health posts in the surrounding villages around Khorlabesi.

In total, Nathalie Jobin spent a full three months traveling in Nepal for this task and wrote us an insightful report on the medical findings. Sonam Bhuti accompanied Nathalie through the mountain settlements and also served as translator. Many thanks to Nathalie for the groundbreaking experiences and the extraordinary commitment!

Current stage, the interior work

After various stumbling blocks, work is now underway in the rooms, as well as the selection of materials for interior decoration.

Also sanitary and electrical units gradually installed and connected.

The offers for the medical equipment have been carefully negotiated. These are expected to be transported from Kathmandu to Khorlabesi after the summer monsoon and then assembled by specialists and ready for use in the fall.

Great cooperation Switzerland - Nepal

Experiences are regularly exchanged, meetings are held with the local government and the embassy to ensure that the processes are meaningful and sustainable. Our relief organization is highly respected in the Northern Ghorka region.

It is appreciated that all our missions as well as the whole administration by various helpers, take place on a voluntary basis.

Without such volunteer involvement and financial support, larger, meaningful construction projects would not be possible.

We thank you very much for believing in us! You are welcome to visit the projects on site at any time. Thankfully, we wish you a happy Christmas and good health.

Namaste und vielen Dank! Merci! Grazie! Thank you!

Bruno Jelk | Daniel Brunner | Gerold Biner | Earth C-Air Team

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