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Newsletter 03/23

December 2023

Dear donors, supporters and helpers

It is always impressive to see how the people in the Himalayas live. Over the years, the numerous challenging work assignments have also led to great and sincere friendships.

Brave mountain inhabitants

The first time you see how the people of Nepal stand firm, you probably think you have turned back time by decades.

The fields of the barren landscape are still cultivated without machines, from plowing to harvesting, it is all done by hand.

Supplementary food such as rice and lentils are brought to the settlements by mule. What amazes us is that the shy and hospitable people seem content with what they have and we can learn a lot from their naturalness.

Unstable roads

The new access road to our hospital in Khorlabesi is often buried by landslides during the summer monsoon.

During this time, it is therefore usually difficult to deliver the required building materials on time.

This year, the summer rains were particularly heavy and the passage was impassable for two months, even with good off-road vehicles.

Construction can only continue as planned from fall to spring.

Valuable exchange of experience

Swiss specialists were also on site again in November.

The environment was optimally designed and the hospital's outdoor area was adapted.

A dynamic, respectful collaboration developed during these weeks.

We are proud that various volunteer experts accompany our missions again and again.

With enthusiasm and motivation, we are in the final spurt of the hospital construction and are confident that the facility can be fully opened next year.

Thanks to your valuable support, we will soon be able to offer the inhabitants of northern Gorkha the basic medical care they lack.

Thank you very much for believing in us!

Namaste und vielen Dank! Merci! Grazie! Thank you!

Bruno Jelk | Daniel Brunner | Gerold Biner | Arno Heiri | Earth C-Air Team

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