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The Purpose

Earth C-Air is a non-profit organisation. According to the statutes...

  • the association helps in the event of a global disaster, offers development aid and is committed to humanitarian support
  • the organisation supports social and medical projects
  • trains mountain rescuers in flying and terrestrial skills

The association consists of donors, supporters and the board.

The association

In 2015, severe earthquakes have left thousands dead and tens of thousands injured. The earthquakes are considered the deadliest catastrophe in the history of Nepal. Houses, streets, facilities or religious places of cult were destroyed. Villages in remote valleys were even more difficult to reach after the quakes than before.

The initiators of the association know the affected region in the Himalayas from their many years of training assignments in mountain rescue and wanted to provide quick help on the spot. This was the birth of the Earth C-Air association.

The name

The name is pronounced like "take care": Earth C-Air

A name that puts us in a position of responsibility

Worldwide promotion and training


(Combining training and assistance)
(Cooperation with sincere partners)
(Long-standing, trusting teamwork)
The solidarity with mountain rescue and helicopter flying

The Initiators

Earth C-Air was founded by Bruno Jelk, Daniel Brunner and Gerold Biner. Their commitment belongs to mountain rescue and flight safety. They voluntarily share their many years of experience and know-how with regions that need help and support.

Bruno Jelk

Bruno Jelk is without doubt one of the most famous mountain rescuers. As the rescue chief of Zermatt for many years, he has saved the lives of thousands of people and revolutionized the rescue system. His further developments and inventions are now part of the rescue standard worldwide. The skills and knowledge of Bruno Jelk are in demand worldwide.

Daniel Brunner

As a professional pilot and flight instructor for many years, Brunner flew many types of helicopter and was co-founder of the helicopter company Rotex Helicopter. Heavy load transport flights throughout Europe as well as flying in high mountains were part of his specialty. As president of Earth C-Air, Daniel Brunner is passionately committed to helping people in need in Nepal.

Gerold Biner

For Gerold Biner, flying is part of his passion, which has been his profession and calling for over 30 years. Biner is pilot and was CEO of Air Zermatt. The company is considered a pioneer in mountain rescue. Gerold Biner has flown his thousands of helicopter missions not only on the Matterhorn, but also in the Himalayas, a region that Biner has grown particularly fond of.

Our Partners

Earth C-Air Nepal

In April 2017, Earth C-Air Nepal was officially registered as an NGO (non-governmental organisation) in Kathmandu. The aid organisation on site consists of a trustworthy team:

Siddartha Gurung

President of the NGO, MD and flight operations manager at Simrik-Air. Siddartha is a visionary in Nepalese helicopter flying.

Sonam Bhuti

Finance, coordination and all-rounder

Sonam works in the Earth C-Air office in Kathmandu. As an all-rounder she is in charge of our aid projects and maintains contact with the villages.

Kamal Thapa

Promoter and consultant, CEO of Chay-Ya Nepal

Kamal is responsible for the buildings that Earth C-Air is realizing. He knows the exact procedures with the authorities and the government.

Phurbu Dorji 

Responsible for medical logistics and dentist

Phurbu organises the logistics of the medical field operations for Earth C-Air as an experienced specialist in the health camps.

Tshering Pande Bhote

Mountain guide, rescue specialist

The local mountain guide and rescue specialist Tshering is working with Earth C-Air to advance mountain rescue in the Himalayas. Innovative and with a positive outlook, he is an important component for the team on site

Paul Metzener

Paul Metzener is a qualified architect and building expert for the SHA, Swiss Humanitarian Aid Unit. With his experience, he and Käthi Flühmann have rebuilt 254 houses and a school building with 11 classes in the Solo Khumbu after the severe earthquake in the village of Nele in the traditional architectural style of earthquake resistance.

In Patalekharka Metzener has rebuilt 15 destroyed houses for Earth C-Air. The architect also designed and drew the hospital project in Khorlabesi.


Nicole Niquille

Nicole Niqulle from Charmey was the first qualified mountain guide in Switzerland and herself frequently travels in the Himalayas. She has an impressive and strong-willed personality, which she uses for Nepal. She and her team built the famous PLNN hospital in Lukla.

Especially in the LUHMA health camps (Lukla Helicopter Medical Assistance) Earth C-Air strives for optimal coordination.



Earth C-Air works closely with the helicopter company Simrik-Air for the aid projects. The local crew of Simrik-Air regularly flies cargo transports with the Long-Line. During these flight hours the crew routinely performs delicate mountain rescue operations with the long line technique.  The training and the close cooperation between Simrik-Air and Earth C-Air have formed a trustful cooperation.