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How we help

Local assistance

In 2015, devastating earthquakes hit Nepal. In the blink of an eye, millions of people were made homeless. The devastation and misery for the inhabitants is enormous. Experiences of relief operations of the association Earth C-Air on site got under the skin: misery and poverty.

Even today, thousands of people are still affected by the consequences of the earthquakes and live in emergency shelters. Earth C-Air helps the people of Nepal to find a way back to normality. With your donation we are continuing our humanitarian aid work on the ground without interruption.


Earth C-Air guarantees that donations can be used effectively and sensibly in the long term. Direct aid only works with a lot of experience and a trusted community. With regular visits, planning discussions and on-site assessments, we check the desired project sustainability.


In Nepal, Earth C-Air is committed to the health and education of the people as well as to mountain rescue on site. The sustainability of our aid is a prerequisite for us. To ensure this sustainability, we are grateful to have experts such as architects, doctors or construction specialists in our team. Their knowledge, passion and enthusiasm make our humanitarian projects come true.

Our entire commitment is unbureaucratic and voluntary.