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Newsletter 01/16

April 2016

On the first anniversary of the huge earthquake in Nepal

Dear donors, supporters and helpers,

Within seconds on 25.04.2015 a large part of the population of Nepal fell from poverty to misery!

The spontaneous willingness to help from the circle of colleagues spread impressively.

A support idea was quickly turned into action. The heliport of Air Zermatt became a transshipment point for cargo material, various specialists such as paramedics, flight assistants, mechanics and later an architect joined us on our way to Kathmandu.

We act locally - directly - unbureaucratically, this was the motto at the start of this aid project.

In the meantime "WE" is our association Earth C-Air, the C stands for Club, the connection with like-minded people. All persons who take part in the project in any way, be it collecting in the coffee room or women who worked diligently knitting. Each and every one is a part of these "WE"!

With our collective commitment, we have been able to make a contribution and open doors to implement targeted direct aid.

We also developed good acquaintances and partnerships as well as valuable experiences. We want to use this potential to realize further, according to our purpose of the association.

It is clear that without this great solidarity, the treasured donations and the trust shown to us, no results would have been possible. Thank you very much!

We consciously do not want to overtext this newsletter and only supplement it with pleasant pictures. We will continue to inform you about this website.

They exist, the experiences and impressions are indescribable and apparently succeeds above all four letters, „DO IT"!

We hope to remain effective in the future and greatly appreciate every collective goodwill!

Namaste und vielen Dank! Merci! Grazie! Thank you!

Bruno Jelk – Daniel Brunner – Gerold Biner

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